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ALL ABOUT YAKEY – It’s History.

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The Beginning:

The idea of Yakey was born on August 13th, 2007 in William Mercay’s mind, Plastic Artist with an speciality in project engineering and strategic management. The idea took official domain 4 days later.

Ingeniero William Mercay

Ingeniero William Mercay

Yakey.com is created with the determination of activating an intelligent and friendly platform which can compete with the existing monopoly in sales and advertisement portals in Latin America and the world. In this project it is recognized the big presence of Mercadolibre and Ebay, but for the creator of Yakey.com they “do not have a serious competition”. Because webs like derremate.com, dereto.com and others belong to the same group and as a strategy in the course of the time they are unified.

Yakey.com is inspired in the success achieved for others big webs on the net, where business and management examples can be seen, as Google, Yahoo, Ask.com.

The difference:

It is a company that was born with a cooperative redistribution and integration philosophy between users and investors who support the growth of it.

The Latin Strategy:

Yakey looks for culture compatibility and it has as goal the integration of Spanish-speaking investor partners and franchisees who are in other countries. The pre-launch was, on September 15th. It was the first step to gain franchisee partners to strengthen the project economically and to put the official presence of Yakey in each country around the world. Furthermore, it is launched an economic offer through a virtual group called Ecoploter with 1133 people founded by William Mercay 3 years ago.

First Franchisee Partners
First territorial partner: the Mexican Hugo Gamboa, Bachelor of Mathematics. After 3 days of having read the proposal of the creator he decided to join the project and he became the first franchisee partner of the platform, after the founder.

* Second territorial partner: the Venezuelan, resident in The United Stated, Systems Engineer, Carlos Sánchez who joins the project 5 days later of the proposal and take the challenge of representing the US market.
Third territorial partner: in the seventh day the Venezuelan Professor, Cristobal Sosa joined the project and represented the Venezuelan Market, but a few days later he quit for major reasons.
Fourth territorial partner: on November 16th 2007, the businessman Percy Salvador joins the project as national franchisee in Peru.
Fifth territorial partner: on November 30th 2007, the Administrators Leonardo Fabián Muñiz y Lic. Daniel Gustavo Guerra join the project as Franchisees in Argentina.
Sexth territorial partner: on December 16th 2007, Antoni Amenós Vidal becomes a national franchisee in Spain.
Seventh territorial partner: On February 16th 2008, Gabriela Alejandra Muñiz Alarcon becomes a national franchisee in Chile and the first woman assuming Senior Managment.
Ninth territorial partner: on March 3rd 2008, Javier Novoa Ramiríres becomes a regional franchisee in Mexico City.
Tenth territorial partner: on March 30th 2008, Pedro Rovira becomes a regional franchisee in Lisbon.

This chapter about franchisee partners will continue.

Yakey’s Organization and Structure
Global Chairmanship, (The Founder)
Share-holder Partners (Share-holders)
National Management (National Franchisee Partners)
Regional Agent ( Regional Agents)
Global Partners (Development Global Shareholder)

Sale Administration and Structure
Global Administration is exerted by the central administrative team that send out a periodical balance to the global shareholder partners.
Sale and National Administration, is exerted by the national franchisee partners in each country with supervision of the global administration.

Development, Programming, System and Support
A team integrated by: systems engineers, programmers, consultants, volunteers and bilingual relations agents managed by the founder.

Yakey.com Philosophy

Yakey.com has as norm of habit and behaviour, the human integration of its work team, global partners, volunteers and investors where it exists an environment of fighters that with sense of belonging work to achieve established goals and search high benefits for their team but knowing that customers and final users are who will give us the success.

For that reason, we expect of each partner, franchisee and employee the best contributions. The first will come with the sense of belonging and promotion. The second with ideas that could give benefits to customers and the company, although all can not be applied. It is the best contribution when it is made with the heart and mind. We want the best results for our customers and team.

Administrative and commercial policy

Yakey as an integral group works for the objective to give a commercial web service that take us to the obtaining of lawful economic resources. It is the base of the stability of all its members as partners and employees. In that order, when the company starts its invoicing all partners will have access to the periodical balances, according to their global, national o regional affiliation.

Commercial Methods and Capital Management

The sale methodology is based on the direct presentation to the potential customer of our Web like online shops, classified ads about sale, rent or any type. Yakey has created a system where the customer is free of charge for advertising and sale-buy commissions. Customer will only pay for contracting advertisements and Premium Affiliation. Yakey as an multinational company is capable to manage its own resources and invert them in its own technological platform. Furthermore, it can invert its capital in any commercial item that increases global profits of our partners.

Legal Regulation

Yakey and its branches are governed by the international chamber of commerce.

Customer Profiles
Purchasers that trust on electronic platform and use them to find products.
Big, medium and small merchants or sporadic sellers who use or want to use Web platform to advertise their products. This opens an extra possibility to fortify sales in a success way.
Users who prefer social nets, games and others.

Products and Services

Yakey.com is a platform that offers integrated services in autonomous way or in alliance:
Online shop for sellers
Information and advertisements about products and services
Download Software




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